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Tokie Ptt Radio System


TOKIE PTT radio system has the unique benefit of being able to work off cellular networks (4G LTE, 3G, 2G), WiFi as well as digital radio networks and simplex on certain of its devices to ensure exceptional coverage and reliability for the user. The standout advantage of the Smart PTT radio system is that two-way radio communication can be deployed almost anywhere with no major fixed costs to the customer other than the rental or purchase of the radio and the cost of the

subscription to the service.

All PTT radio devices are integrated into our online platform, which can be logged into from any web browser, giving users a Best-in-Class management and control platform which has been a game-changer in terms of modern-day radio communication. This ensures more control over users with features such as GPS tracking and geofencing, panic SOS alerts, voice recording, message & file exchange, incident reports and an array of other features. This control not only leads to better decision making due to the vast amount of in-depth information available but also increased safety and cost-saving structures to be put in place. More information on the extensive management capabilities of this platform can be found here.

Our control over our hardware and software development has to lead to exceptional product performance and an offering that has set the standard higher than current Systems on the market today.


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