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TOKIE releases revolutionary Dual-mode Push-to-Talk DMR-LTE hybrid device aimed at critical voice and broadband data service.


Kuala Lumpur CCW2019 -Efforts to push 4G LTE as a replacement for DMR i.e. with Push-to-Talk over Cellular ("PoC") technology is often met with resistance from critics, with the perennial question "What happens if the 4G network is down and there is no coverage in an emergency situation?" With the new TOKIE TK1100 dual-mode Push-to-Talk DMR-LTE hybrid handset, this concern has finally been laid to rest.

Not just another dual-mode walkie-talkie

DUAL MODE means being able to make a smooth transition from LTE to DMR functionality to deliver the best of both worlds. However, the TK1100 has a trick up its sleeve: it does not require the user to manually select LTE or DMR mode and can even function with both LTE and DMR mode "on" concurrently. This allows the TK1100 to function as a relay DMR channel and automatically assigns this role to another TK1100 in the vicinity when its own battery resources drops to a pre-set level.

The TK1100 is ergonomically designed to emulate the form factor of narrow-band walkie talkies but with a 3.1" touchscreen in a highly-rugged IP67 body.


▪ Push-to-talk over WIFI, 3G, 4G-LTE, DMR and Simplex

▪ 3, 600mAh large capacity battery

▪ 3.1"IPS Corning Gorilla-glass touchscreen

▪ Front and rear cameras

▪ 2.0W 90dB speaker

▪ Supports external speaker, earphone, DMR talking, UART, USB 2.0 & OTG

▪ Weight 210g

▪ Size: 119.5mm x 61.5mm x 23.5mm

Pricing and Availability

The TOKIE TK1100 will be launched at the Critical Communication World 2019 Kuala Lumpur. Be the first to transform your workforce productivity with the TK1100.

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