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TOKIE @ Royal Thai Army 2020


Military organisations have access to a myriad of solutions and more often than not, deploy nothing but the very best in cutting edge technology to asstist in protecting their front line. After being requested by the Royal Thai Army to present on our LTE PTT Bodycam solution, we are proud to announce that we were given the go-ahead to deploy our solution. On the 10th March 2020 in Korat, Thailand, we rolled out our TK21000 LTE PTT Bodycam solution to the Royal Thai Army and provided hands-on training with military personnel to ensure a comprehensive understanding was gained. A discussion and live demonstration were held to showcase the applicable capabilities of our online platform, TOKIE BOXX, which integrates with the devices. A number of the features from our online platform will assist in enhancing the daily operations of the Royal Thai Army.

A roadmap outlining our products and solutions moving forward was also presented to those involved to illustrate further possibilities for the use of TOKIE solutions within the military environment.

The TK2100 LTE PTT Bodycam is a clear illustration of what TOKIE is capable of when it comes to developing superior integrated solutions. The hardware is built to withstand tough environments; it is IP68 Military grade rated and features Corning Gorilla Glass 3 allowing it to withstand a 2-meter drop-test. The TK2100 features a professional grade 13MP camera comprising of Sony Starlight lenses which provide superb night-time images. Starlight technology utilises larger size sensors, wider aperture and reduces the shutter speed to collect enough light for human face and license plate identification in light conditions impossible for the human eye. The real advantage of the solution lies in the software capabilities. Apart from the ability to do live recordings via 4G which can be viewed remotely from the TOKIE BOXX, recordings can also be stored on the device and then accessed locally or remotely if needed. Furthermore, there is full integration with the TOKIE PTT solution which allows for communication from the device and full functionality integration with the best-in-class TOKIE BOXX online platform.  

We greatly value this important milestone in our company as it enables TOKIE to continue building and enhancing solutions which are geared to create value for our customers. We strive to continue providing a "Sense and Response" integrated communication solution.


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