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Why Are Most Walkie Talkies Black?


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Walkie talkies have been commercially available since the 1920s, almost a hundred years ago. But this century, have you noticed that most walkie talkies are actually black? What exactly is the reason?


Industry Factors

Black, representing the unknown and never-ending exploration! It has noble, stable and technological imagery. Technology with bright black, in line with social psychology, according to Darwinian evolutionary theory, people always have awe for the darkness of the night.

In reality, we can see many technology products with color, such as TVs, cameras, stereos, etc. Most of the use of black, it can also be said that there is no technology quality set off, with the style of all black.


Identity factors

The use of walkie-talkie crowd, mostly public security, traffic police and other national order, public safety guardians.

Their dress, physique, words and so on everywhere reflects the majesty, with black to convey the seriousness, authority can not be more appropriate.


Fashion factor

Black, the fashion world forever popular color!

Regardless of men and women, young and old, professionally expensive, dress accessories, black walkie-talkie, can always match the not show abrupt or incongruous.


Application areas

Intercom is mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railroad, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries. It is used for communication and commanding and dispatching among group members to improve communication efficiency and enhance the rapid response ability in dealing with unexpected events. With the walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people travel, shopping also began to use more and more walkie talkies.

There are also some specific occasions to use the walkie-talkie, such as explosion-proof walkie-talkie, waterproof walkie-talkie, police walkie-talkie, etc.. Car station can also be included in the use of the intercom category.


Routine Maintenance Tips

1 . Remove the control knob from the walkie-talkie and clean the case with a neutral detergent (do not use strong chemicals) and a damp cloth. The use of chemicals such as detergents, alcohol, aerosols or petroleum agents may cause damage to the surface and housing of the walkie-talkie.

2. Hold the walkie-talkie lightly and do not move the walkie-talkie with the antenna.

3. When not using accessories, please cover the dust cover (if equipped).


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